The towing industry is a towing in Aurora CO. State regulators are battling tow companies who target people with expired plates and other illegal practices.

Now, a bill is moving forward that would make it easier to get your car back. It requires tow truck drivers to give 24 hours’ notice before removing cars from parking spots or the common areas of apartment complexes.


In Colorado, tow companies are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission. This commission sets maximum rates for towing services, accepts consumer complaints about tow companies and regulates towing equipment.

But there are some companies that don’t follow the law. For example, a woman in Aurora recently filed a complaint about how her car was towed from her apartment parking lot.

Towing companies can’t tow vehicles from private property without a customer’s permission, and they have to give the owner 24 hours’ notice before pulling the vehicle. This means it can take a long time to get your car back and can be expensive.

This year, lawmakers passed a new law that makes it easier to get your car back and gives state regulators more power to stop predatory towing companies. The new law also allows owners to pay a “drop fee” rather than have their vehicles towed, and tow companies must accept major credit cards.


When you get stranded, the last thing you want is to pay expensive towing fees. That’s why it’s important to look for reputable towing companies that offer premium services at affordable costs.

The cost of towing varies depending on where the vehicle is towed and how long it takes for the driver to arrive at your location. In addition, there are storage fees associated with towing a car to a tow truck company’s lot.

Luckily, many towing companies have a flatbed style truck that’s designed to haul cars and trucks safely and efficiently. These types of tow trucks also have hydraulic lifts that prevent your vehicle from falling off the tow truck.

But, as with any service, there are some hidden fees. One is a “drop fee” that tow companies must pay you once they’ve paid 15 percent of their overall fees, up to $60.

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Aurora CO residents often pay much higher car insurance rates than those of other areas in Colorado. The reasons for this are numerous and vary from one region to another. The type of roads, traffic patterns and weather are among the factors that affect these rates.

However, there are some ways to cut these costs. For example, drivers can lower their premiums by driving safely and staying up-to-date on all traffic laws.

Those with good driving records can usually score cheaper car insurance in Aurora CO. This is because insurers see them as less risky customers.

The best way to keep your insurance costs down is to compare rates. By doing this, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. You can also take advantage of discounts and other incentives that are available from insurers in your area. For example, younger drivers in Aurora may qualify for discounts if they attend a state-approved driver’s education course or have a clean driving record.